Propane Tank Exchange

Webster and Garner provides propane tank exchange cages to hundreds of independent C-Stores, gas stations, party stores and hardware stores in the State of Michigan as well as C-Store chains Beacon and Bridge, Schmuckal Oil, Sunrise Stores, Forward Corporation & SpeedyQ.

Webster and Garner provides quality service at a price that is competitive or better than national brands such as Blue Rhino. As demand rises in the summer months so does the frequency of our stops at your location. Our propane tanks are reconditioned and clean in order to present a quality, professional product to your customers.

The cages your company receives will be of modern eye-catching aluminum that will never rust. Cages come in a wide variety of size. Please see the chart below for more details.

The demand for propane tank exchange is on the rise. The main advantage is convenience. Clients can exchange their old tanks for new ones far sooner than they could if they had to wait for a refill. In fact, statistics and personal experience say that it takes about half the time to exchange a tank as it does to have it refilled.

Compared to filling stations which are open limited hours, propane tank exchanges can be available all hours that the store itself is open. In addition, filling stations take significantly more maintenance and manpower. They also require licensed personnel to operate them. This is not true of tank exchange cages. No special schooling or license is needed in Michigan to handle exchange tanks.

Contact us today at 810.686.9171 and arrange to receive a Webster & Garner propane tank exchange cabinet at your location!


Below is a letter that all of our new customers receive. It describes in more detail our cylinder exchange product offering:

Dear Valued Customer,

On behalf of Webster & Garner I would like to thank you for choosing our company as your propane cylinder exchange provider.  It is our goal to serve your needs to your 100% satisfaction.  We are always available to answer your questions or address your concerns, determined to give you the best price we are capable of, and ready to reward you for helping our business grow.

By now you have received your Webster & Garner cage.  If you have questions or concerns at this point, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email.

Below is more detailed information regarding your propane tank exchange program. 

  • Your location has been inserted into one of our current cylinder routes.  We will be servicing your route on a regular basis.  However, please be mindful of how many full propane tanks you have on hand and call our main office at 810-686-9171 when you have at least 5 remaining.
  • Occasionally one of your customers may have difficulties with a propane tank they have purchased.  Sometime grill fittings don’t match up quite right. Feel free to exchange it for the customer with no liability.  We will be happy to exchange that tank for you, free of charge, the next time we are at your location.
  • If you are happy with Webster & Garner, let others know.  Each time we set a cage at a location you have referred, you will receive 5 free tanks.
  • If you have an extra 20lb propane tank laying around your business or your house, please do not give that cylinder to our driver for a “credit”. Instead, please wait until you sell one of the propane tanks in your cage. Then, replace it with your extra one. This will save you from being charged for a replacement.
  • What is an OPD Valve?
    • OPD stands for "overfill prevention device" or "overfill protection device" and is required on all 4 to 40 pound DOT cylinders in vapor service. The OPD valve is simply a protective device that, as the name implies, prevents overfilling of a propane cylinder (
    • Non-compliant valves have round or star-shaped hand wheels (left). All OPDs, regardless of manufacturer, feature a non-removable triangular-shaped wheel (right).
  • How does an OPD work?
    • During the refilling process, a valve inside the cylinder closes when the proper level of propane is reached. Since the OPD currently in use measures the volume of propane in the cylinder, the weight of the propane will vary depending on its temperature. Check the posted information where you purchase propane to determine the net weight of propane in your cylinder.
  • Webster and Garner does not charge more for exchanging a cylinder that has a Non-OPD Valve

If you have additional questions that we have not addressed, feel free to contact the helpful staff at our main office. Thank you for choosing Webster & Garner.

Ryan Schmittdiel

Contact us today at 810.686.9171 and arrange to receive a Webster & Garner propane tank exchange cabinet at your location!

Propane Tank Buyback:

Do you have used propane cylinders in good condition?  Webster & Garner will gladly take them off your hands!  While we cannot accept damaged cylinders or those with excessive rust and wear, we gladly accept those with both OPD and non-OPD style valves.  Contact our office at 810.686.9171 for current buyback pricing information.  















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